"Maria Soong has trained two of our sons on piano over the last seven years.  Prior to that we had them take piano instruction from 3-4 other instructors in the area. Maria's world-class piano instruction and teaching methods, coupled with her amazingly positive attitude with each child has been well worth it.  Lisa and I could not be more pleased with the results.  Our oldest is now a member of the SFJazz High School All-Star band, and our youngest has performed in local theater productions and even had roles in operas with the San Francisco Opera! While making learning to play the piano fun for any age student, Maria also helps build a solid, broad music theory foundation.  Maria's piano instruction is the best we've experienced on the mid-peninsula. We are pleased and grateful that our sons have had a such a great experience taking piano lessons from 'Ms. Maria'!"                                                                                                                                      ~ Lisa Dyer, MD and Jeff Yoder

"My kids, 6 and 8, have been taking piano from Ms. Maria for the last 6 months.  We have had nothing but wonderful things to say about her, she is very kind and gentle with the kids, she has a 'no nonsense' attitude to her instruction.  My son can be quite restless during lessons and she keeps him focused.  I appreciate that she is flexible with our schedule, and we can take summers off.  After 6 months I gather that she is teaching good piano technique and good form, qualities that we will see the benefits of in the long term."                                                                                                                                                                                  ~ Belle S

"Maria Soong has been teaching my daughter piano over the past 4 years. There is nothing negative my wife and I can say about her methods. She is very positive and  encouraging, my daughter has learned so much from her. Maria is a very valuable teacher, she is aware of a variety of approaches to teaching piano. Although certainly perhaps most importantly, she enjoys children and brings wonderful excitement to their music experience. My daughter will soon go to high school, and by that time, she will be ready for a good music school."                                                                                                                                                    ~ Greg Sical

"I came to Maria as an adult student who had taken piano until the age of 10 and then had not played for 15 years.  Maria immediately got me back in the saddle and had me playing Chopin in no time!  She is the perfect teacher who approaches piano playing holistically.  She has gotten my finger dexterity back up to par, enhanced my musicality, and is an overall fun colleague.  I would recommend her to anyone of any age and skill level."                                                       ~ Erin Schanning    

"I highly recommend Ms. Maria for anyone who loves piano (or who has ever wanted to play).  Ms. Maria has been teaching both my daughters (ages 10 and 7) since they were both six and five, respectively.  She is that special kind of teacher that can find the nugget that inspires her students.  When by older daughter was bored with playing the simple beginning tunes and wanted to try classical, Ms. Maria found simple classical material she could play.  Ms. Maria is patient, but always inspires her students to do their very best and to try new things.  I couldn't be more happy with the piano instruction my daughters are getting."       ~ Rebecca Judd     

"Ms Maria taught my son piano for about 2 years.  When he first started, he did not know a single note, but she worked patiently to build up his foundation and musical skills. At the end of his 2nd year, he was able to sight read fairly well, and was comfortable playing more advanced pieces. Maria is very responsive and easy to communicate with. Whenever I had any thoughts regarding his curriculum, she was receptive and eager to work with me on changes. She always gave me her genuine opinion and tried her best to personalize the piano experience. I came to think of Maria as not just a teacher, but a friend who truly cared about about my son's progress."
~ Gracie CY

"Ms. Soong is a great piano teacher. She teaches both my daughter (7yrs) and myself (lets just says 30's) and has the right balance of pushing and motivating enough to keep us challenged and engaged."                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ~ Michelle V

"As a piano teacher, Ms. Maria provides everything I could ever hope for as a guide into the magical world of music. I entered into this world with very little musical technical skill, experience nor knowledge. Through Ms. Maria's insightful stewardship, I have experienced the realization for a long-held desire to bring music meaningfully into my life. I attribute my ever-growing accomplishments to Ms Maria's ability to impart daunting information simplistically, with patience, humor and encouragement. I only wish that I had found her sooner."                                                                                                                                                     ~ Derrick S

"My daughter, Tracy, after having taken lessons for several years under another teacher, became bored with piano and wanted to quit. Then we found Maria, who was able to inspire Tracy by allowing her to play modern pieces (like Green Day!) that piqued her piano interest again. She even manages to practice several times a week, which parents out there know is quite a feat! We would highly recommend Maria as a piano teacher."
~ Francine Chun

"It is with tremendous excitement and enthusiasm that I highly recommend Maria Soong as a piano teacher. Maria taught piano to my daughter from age 12 to 14 as well as to my son from age 8 to age 10. Prior to finding Maria, we had other piano teachers who were adequate however, unable to excite the children about music the way Maria did. It was apparent from the start that of all the teachers they had, Maria was by far their favorite. The children practiced more and actually looked forward to their piano lessons. Maria is extraordinarily organized, efficient, punctual and all around buttoned-up,  yet she is all of those things with an extremely relaxed personal style."
~ Sue Ellen Campos

"I so much enjoy my piano lessons with Maria. She is positive and encouraging and does a great job of keeping the material interesting and challenging. I can really see improvement, and I’m having a lot of fun!"
~ Kate Carroll

"Maria is a wonderful piano teacher. She has been teaching my daughter, Danielle, (12 years old) and son, Dylan (9 years old) for the past two years. Maria paces the lessons to suit the student’s personality and progress. She is very patient and pleasant. The kids love learning with her (even if they do not like to practice...) and look forward to their lessons. I highly recommend her to you."
~ Michal Roof

"Maria is a great piano teacher, able to play towards a student’s strengths and still work on their needs. She is talented, patient, and knowledgeable, everything a piano teacher should be. Maria is dedicated to helping her students become better piano players and have fun in the process because Maria is passionate about the piano and wants to share her passion with others."
~ Edward Pertcheck

"Before Maria, I was trying to learn the piano on my own. Maria was recommended to me so I started taking lessons and what a difference! She spends a lot of time on technique. She emphasizes correct hand position. I never knew how important it was to be able to move ones hands across the keys in an efficient manner.  Timing, phrasing, volume and dynamics, and sight reading  was also stressed. I'm an older student, but most of her students are children. I enjoy going to the yearly recitals and watching the young students perform.  I can tell that Maria is their teacher by watching how they move their hands on the keys.  I wish I had a teacher like that  when I was much younger. She is very patient with children, and enjoys teaching them."                                                             ~Howard B. 


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